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         Sporovo is located in Brest Region, Beroza District in Belarus. It is a beautiful village with the heroic past and difficult present.  It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1522. It is a very convenient place to live, because it is surrounded by a beautiful country side. Our village is not far from a railway station. It’s population is 994 people. There are several ideas about the name of the village.

         Sporovo is a home village for people of different nations. Two main languages are spoken on its territory, these are Russian and Belarusian, but some people speak Sporovo language and Ukrainian.

         During World War II Sporovo suffered greatly. The village was burned to ashes. World War II brought the village many losses. There is a monument in our village, who died defer ding our motherland from German fascists. Belarus is called a partisan republic. Our people took part in partisan’s movement too, they helped the army to win victory over the invaders.  Every year on the 9th of May, on Victory Day we put flowers to the monument to show our respect to our natives. 

         The Natural World of Sporovo is fascinating and varied. It’s a mixture of swamps and grasslands. There is a nice lake in the village. We are proud of it’s beauty. Many people come to the lake and have a good time there.

         Our village has all basic services and amenities – a post office, a secondary school a music and an arts school, a hospital, a library church and a big cultural centre. Here you can visit an ethnographic museum. There are also a few shops which sells most of the things we need in our every day life.

         Our people are open, warm – hearted, fun-loving intelligent welcoming and hospitable.  They have a great sense of humour. Regional Festival of  Humour  is held in Sporovo. People from different countries come to Sporovo to take part in this Festival.

         Agriculture specializes in milk and meat production. The main crops cultivated here are grain, wheat, maize, and vegetables. The village is famous for its hard-working people.

         The chief attraction of Sporovo lies in the fact that it combines a friendly atmosphere with a beautiful setting.  It is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destinаtions.

         Welcome to Sporovo! 

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